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Monday, 30 March 2015


Minha Familia!
Wow, this week definitely flew by 10X faster than last week and it was so good! Vernal is just character. I love it! Here is what happened this week:
Tuesday we met one our recent converts at the family history center to obviously do some family history (Mom I should have paid more attention to all those family history presentations before I left....definitely regretting that), but I was playing around on there and thinking I was getting the hang of it, but dang our family is on top of everything! I would find a name and then of course it was reserved by either Aunt Jennifer or Aunt Jocelyn, so if you have any tips for how to do family history work, I would really appreciate it....
Wednesday was definitely one of the most exciting days for me. We had a ward member who told us about a young lady who had just gotten back from her mission to the Salt Lake temple square mission, but she was originally from Brazil and actually married an elder who served in Brazil....So long story short: They both speak Portuguese and so we got in touch with them and went over to their house this week and she helped me with my Portuguese by just kinda talking to me etc. It was definitely a struggle trying to understand her because she has such a thick Brazillian accent, but it was really good for me, and we are going to try and go there at least a couple times a week for language study, so I am stoked about that! 
Later Wednesday afternoon we had a zone meeting and we were able to watch BECAUSE HE LIVES!!!! I just have to take a second and endorse this video because it is amazing and we have been showing it to EVERYONE! It is the new easter video the church has put out, so if you haven't seen it....go watch it right now. I kid you not when I say that the spirit literally jumps out of the screen.
I am especially grateful for my Savior this Easter Week. I have a strong testimony of his atonement even though it is so comprehensible. I know that Jesus Christ suffered for ALL of our sins, pains, sorrows. He suffered for them back in Gethsemane, but what is so amazing is that he lives today to comfort us. He lives to help us. Because he truly is the only one who knows. He is the only one who understands. And I am so grateful for that knowledge because it gives me hope, and it gives me a purpose to live. I can live with hope because I know that he lives. Incredible.
We saw a couple of small miracles this week. Small and simple miracles are sometimes the best kind of miracles. We went to some ward activities to try to get more acquainted with the ward members and at one of them we were trying to determine who we should sit by. We wondered for a while, and then decided to sit by a couple. We didn't know who they were, but as it turns out.....the wife is a less active member, and the husband isn't a member! There is no doubt that the Lord was helping us in that situation. We sat and talked to the husband quite a while and by the end he was offering to feed us and have us come over. SO AWESOME! Also, later that night we were out contacting and we had plans to visit a family. We showed up at their house and of course no one was home. We just sat in their driveway for a while because we weren't quite sure what we should do next- one might say we had a stupor of thought. Well, after a couple minutes of waiting, they showed up, invited us in, and we were able to share a message with them!
Thursday we had a typical Vernal moment. We had just finished up a lesson and drove down the street a ways and parked in front of a house to try and determine our next plan of action, and as we were sitting there we saw the family members of the house start looking at us. We weren't even parked there for that long-maybe 5 min. tops, but in that time the dad decided to come out in his nasty greasy tank top and let it be known to us that we were parked in front of his parents house...haha makes me wonder what was going down in that house.....
Some more exciting news of the week! I am hopefully going to get to take part in the Payson Temple Open House! It starts only a few days before I will probably be heading to Portugal, but President McCune and his wife came to Vernal this week and gave us some training, and made it sound like they were going to try and get everyone involved! Super Stoked about that! So I will probably be at the open house answering questions and doing the little video portion etc. Way Excited for that to happen.
The general Women's broadcast on Saturday was SO good! Oh man it got me stoked for general conference which is THIS WEEK!!!!! I don't know about you, but I am so excited for general conference! I am not sure yet, but there is a possibility that we may get to actually go to general conference. They take so many missionaries from the Provo mission, and Sister Wagner hasn't gone yet, so...who knows!
I hope you all are doing well! I love you guys so much! Man I just feel like bragging about my family to everyone! You guys are the greatest! Hope you have the most fantastic week! Enjoy general conference, and if you are feeling courageous, think of someone that you could invite to watch general conference with you! I can promise you that they will not be able to deny the spirit that comes from listening to the prophet and apostles of God!

-Sister Selk 
Vernal:  A whole lot nothing.  LOVE IT!

We didn't find a lot of investigators this week but we found puppies so we called it a success!

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