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Monday, 31 August 2015

Semana mais louca da minha vida!!!!!

Familia! I really don't have time to waste because sooooo much happened this week, so here we go!
First thing: My favorite Portuguese Avó (Rosalia) turned 67 this week!!! Woooo we had a giant festa in their house on Tuesday with almost all of their family which was awesome. Rosalia has 2 granddaughters that we had never met, so it was amazing to finally meet them! They are super super adorable! 
We got to do a service project in Loulé this week!!!!! Service projects here in portugal are few and far between so it was so awesome to finally be able to help someone out. Long story short: my entire time I have served in Olhão I have wanted to visit Our district President's (President Coralis) land, because he has TONS of land with just about every kind of fruit tree you can imagine....and bees, as you know I am super into that kind of stuff. So anyways, I had been talking about wanting to go there for weeks, and because Elder and Sister Roberts love me, they decided that maybe we should set up a service activity there. Ugh. Que Benção. I almost died of excitement when they told me. So we went to Loulé which is about 30 min. from Faro to visit their farm and help them pick Cherib. Family....I was literally in heaven I was so happy. Surrounded by fig trees, pomegranate trees, orange trees.....TUDO. So good. But let me tell you, I have sooo much respect for the Portuguese people and their work, because it was not easy! Sitting on the ground for hours picking cherib is harder and more exhausting than it looks! There was a lady there helping us, and she had to be at least 70 years old, but she was KICKING OUR BUTTS. crazy. 
The rest of our week just flew by, and for a change we seemed to have more lessons and people to visit than we had time for, which is always a missionaries dream!
Now for the craziest news!!!!
As of yesterday we had absolutely no one marked for started off a pretty normal day-We went to our branch meeting, then I butchered all 4 hymns during sacrament meeting-all that good stuff. But when I was at the piano at the beginning of sacrament meeting and looked out into our small congregation of people to see who made it to church, I saw......JOÃO! I don't know if you remember the João that I marked with sister Bryner in my first transfer (by the way I am sitting next to sister Bryner right now doing emails.....but I will get to that) Anyways, as soon as I saw him I knew exactly what Sister Andrade and I needed to do. I knew we needed to baptize João! That day. Little did I know that at the same time that all this was going through my head, Sister Andrade received a call from the Elders in the office saying that I we needed to catch the bus at 6:30 that same night to go to Lisboa. When I sat down beside Sister Andrade after playing the opening hymns, she told me all that news (which was a lot to take in) and then leaned over and said, "Sister, are you willing to do anything it takes to have a baptism today?" She didn't see João enter when she was talking with the elders, so she was pretty confused at my question, but after I told her to look behind her, and we both agreed we were prepared to do anything to get João baptized!!!! It was INSANE. INSANE. Luckily João had already had his interview the first time around, so we reviewed with him some things, and then after we called the zone leaders, asked every member in our ramo to help us get to Faro, quickly make a little program, and by some miracle we were able to do everything, and João was baptized as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!!! I can't even explain how crazy yesterday was! All I can say is that the Lord provides the way. Simple as that.
So, as you can probably guess......I did get transferred from Olhão. I am definitely sad about it, but at the same time I am SO excited! The elders wanted us to catch the bus yesterday at 6:30 and we did EVERYTHING we could to try and get there, but I was really not expecting to get transferred so I had nothing packed and in the end, we didn't make it to the bus in time.....which for me, was better because I was able to say goodbye to some people in the ward etc.
My new area is in........MAFRA!!!!! I am serving with Sister Ventura! It's a bit of a strange circle, because Sister Bryner got sent to Mafra when she was with me, and Sister Ventura was in my zone serving with Sister Doman when she got sent to Mafra. All the people I love all in one is incredible :) Sister Ventura is super, super cool, and you guys have already seen a picture of her because she was in the group when we went and visited Logos muitos P-days ago. She is from Provo, Utah...classic and basically it is going to be a party together. Mafra is literally in the middle of nowhere and isn't even a branch yet...just a group, so I am definitely moving up in the world. Because Mafra is tiny and doesn't have anywhere to email, every Monday we spend with our STL´s which just happens to be Sister Bryner. Today was a joyous reunion to say the least. So now, Sister Bryner and Sister Doman are in my Zone and this is definitely going to be a zone de poder.
Well.....that is about all the loucuras I have for you this week. Hope it was sufficient! Like I said earlier, I really don't know how to explain all the feelings I have felt over the past 24 hours. It is incredible to see the Lord's hand at work. He is grande, and he is a God of Miracles.
Amo-Vocês muito!!! Ficam bem fam. 

-Sister Selk

67 and still adorable!

Their little 6 year old son was SO cute and the hardest little worker.


Os Roberts

Saying goodbye to ward members :( 
Bonifacia and Soraya.

I am pretty sure these guys could be part of the Portuguese Mafia, but não faz mal....we´re best friends.

Friday, 28 August 2015

ainda bem - Aug 24

Como estão?!
Last Monday we had a SUPER solid noíte famíliar with a family in our ward. They are both leaders in the Ramo, but their family has been struggling for quite some time. Sister Andrade and I tried to plan a really powerful message for them, but let me just tell you, in the end the lesson ended up being led completely by the spirit, and it was incredible! At the end of the night, both of the boys in the family said that we had done something that no one else had been able to do, and the spirit was undeniable. I can honestly say that it was nothing we did, but it was 100% because of the spirit. It was amazing to feel the change that came into the room as we had them remember the feeling they had when they were sealed together as a family in the temple. I have a testimony of the sealing power, and the strength that comes as we remember the covenants we make in the temple.
This week we spent a lot of our time trying to get Zeca and Otilia to come with us to the Conservatorio to mark their wedding.....oh my goodness. Trying to get Zeca to go to the conservatorio with us is like trying to get a 3 year old to go pee on the potty. It is nearly impossible to get that man to be serious for 2 seconds! We were talking with him in the street one morning, and were so close to convincing him to use his lunch hour to come with us...until he saw an amigo in the street and called him over and starting explaining that Sister Andrade wanted to marry him, and that I wanted to marry this other guy.....hahah oh my this man is crazy! It is all jokes with him, but I think this other man thought he was serious because he grabbed my hand and wouldn´t let go until sister Andrade had to say "Já Chega!".....I think at this point just about every story I have revolves around Zeca. 
So we will see if we can get him to the conservatorio tomorrow....because it still hasn't happened.
We were able to have a lesson with Ana Batista this week. She has a ton of potential, now we just have to get her to church!
Siquina came to church again yesterday! She is absolutely incredible! She comes to church not just to hear, but to learn. In Sunday school, if she doesn't understand something, she stops us and asks us to explain. That is probably one of the most incredible things to see as a missionary. She is progressing, and learning more and more about the church. Not to mention she is just adorable.
We weren't able to see Alicia this week. It is hard because sometimes she is at her grandmas house and sometimes she is at her moms house, so it makes it a little complicated to try and track her down, but we will try again this week.
When we had our division with Sister Tavares, we contacted a lady named Paula and her son Miguel in the street. They literally live about 2 seconds away from the church, and we were able to get their information and set up an appointment to give them a book of mormon. We stopped by later this week, and talked with them more about the book of mormon. It went super well! I asked her if she had any questions, and she said that she did but that it was more of a personal question. She said she has so much respect for people that leave their comfort zone and go out and do things like this. She asked us why we were here, and why we were doing what we are doing. This is probably one of my favorite questions that anyone can ask. It is so amazing to explain and testify to people that we are here because I know that this is the ONLY true church, that I know without a doubt that this gospel has brought more joy into my life and the life of my family than anything else, and that I am here to help spread that joyful message to other people. I think she was touched by our testimonies, and I am praying that things will progress with her. There is a possibility that they will be moving in the next few weeks, so we are praying that that doesnt happen!
I love this gospel. I love being a missionary. I love life. I love you all! Beijinhos!!!

-Sister Selk

We wanted to take a few pictures after church last week, and pretty soon everyone wanted pictures with us, so here are a few!



P-day spent with the Pintos and their family!

I definitely look like a chubby adolescent 11 year old in this photo, but Nuno showed us the best place to buy rice pudding and I was super stoked about it!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What language am I speaking?

Bom Dia Alegria Minha Família!
This week was the festival do marisco here in Olhão which basically means lots of tourists, lots of seafood, and lots of Portuguese concerts starting at midnight and lasting until 3 in the morning! Which also means a lot of dance festas on the varanda for us sisters. hahah jk.
I guess I will start off with my awkward moment for the week, because I always seem to have a few of those. But like I said, due to the festival there were a lot of tourists here in Olhão-more than normal, but the only problem is that sometimes you just can't tell if they are tourists or not (that is a feat, let me tell you because most of the time you can't pick out tourists no problem) Anyways, we were contacting in the street and tried talking to this lady but soon found out she was from England and didn´t speak Portuguese. You would think I would be able to speak to her in English, but I for the life of me could not speak English. It was the most painful moment of my life to try and explain to her who we were and what we wanted to talk to her about. I was studdering like a fool!  So right now I really don't speak good Portuguese or good English-so sad.
We received a bit of bad news this week. Just when everything looked as if both Otilia and Bonafacia were going to have everything sorted out to be married at the end of this month we found out that the conservatorio is completely full for the month of august.....meaning that the two baptisms that we have been planning on for this transfer have to been put off until next transfer......I will be absolutely crushed if I get transferred in 2 weeks without seeing the baptism of my beloved Otilia....and seeing as I already have 3 transfers in Olhão the odds are not looking in my favor. But! I believe God is a God a miracles and we are going to exercise our faith to the best of our abilities! 
We have already seen small miracles happening. While we were planning for the week and making our weekly goals, Sister Andrade and I decided to exercise our faith and make our baptismal goals higher than normal. We really had no idea where these batisms would come from, but we both felt inspired to do so. That same afternoon we got to do a division with Sister Tavares, because we had zone conference the day before and they were still in the area. She asked if we could go visit the relief society president of our Ramo, and to make a long story short, by the time we walked out of her house we felt we knew the person that we could baptize by the end of this transfer. Our relief society President has a granddaughter whose mom is not active, but she has come to church on a few different occasions and after our visit with her, she said she would ask her daughter if she would allow her daughter to be taught by us! MIRACLE! We are hoping to have FHE with them tonight, and we are just praying that everything works out. 
We are still trying to get in contact with Dalia. The people here seem to work 24/7 which makes things a little more complicated, but we saw her at the cafe she works at a few days ago, and she said she still wants to talk to us which is awesome! I know she has incredible potential!
We contacted a lady named Siquina this past week. She is the cutest mom with two 4 year old twins that are literally the cutest things I have ever seen. We talked with her for a bit a few days latter and basically asked us ALL sorts of questions about our beliefs-especially about the plan of salvation. She is actually muslim however, so we had to get permission from Presidente to teach her. We were able to walk with her to church with her two little boys yesterday which was incredible! I just couldn't stop smiling! ahhhh! so good. She has such and open and accepting heart, so we will see what happens this week.
As for other people we are working with: We had an amazing lesson with a lady named Ana batista this week! She was taught by sisters in the past,and during my time here in Olhão we have tried on several occasions to try and get in contact with her but never had a whole lot of luck. We would see her every once in a while on the street, but other than that we haven't been able to really have a lesson with her. Finally we were able to talk with her and it was SO good! Sister Andrade and I had a solid lesson, and she said she felt so much lighter after talking to us. The spirit is an incredible thing.
Oh, I also thought I would update you on the Reynolds! I got a letter back from them a few weeks ago which absolutely melted my heart! They are doing so well, and Cat said that her and Fred go to the temple almost every week for their date night. I just have the biggest love for that couple! They are incredible!
This work is undescribable at times. The amount of love I feel for people that I have the priviledge of meeting absolutely blows me away. I am so blessed to feel just a portion of the love our Savior has for his children.
Amo-vocês com todo de meu coração! Ficam Bem Família. Até proxímo. 

-Sister Selk
We ran into otilia´s "husband" in the street the other night and he told us that he had something for us. A can of "black" beans for Sister Andrade and a can of "tan" beans for me

One of the Irmãs na igreja made cachupa for us yesterday and we had a big ol´festa after church. Can I just say how much I love african food. Ugh. In heaven.

Sometimes companion study gets a little can take your guess as to who Sister Andrade was reinacting

Horrible picture, but we had a "picnic" with Rosaria and her family before her mom left for Brazil.

The view from our varanda in the morning just puts the biggest smile on my face.

We went to this incredible palácio last Pday which they actually turned into a hotel. It is kind of like a way amped up Portuguese version of the Prince of Whales in Waterton.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Not today Satan

Another month down on the mish fam. craaaaazzzzzyyyyy.
We spent last pday with the Crossmans for the last time before they leave for Utah! We went to Sagres again which is just too beautiful for pictures to capture. It is also almost as windy as southern Alberta, so it was a bit cooler there than here in olhao.
Sister Andrade and I travelled with the Crossmans back to Lisboa on Monday night because Sister Andrade still had some papers that had to be figured out for her residency here. We didn't end up getting into Lisboa until around 11:00 that night and then we were out the door and headed to Seixal by 7 the next morning. We had to meet up with her aunt in Seixal, and then did a bunch of running around to different places to try and get things figured out. I really had no idea what was going on the whole time, I just followed orders! haha It was a bit of a crazy day! By the time we got back to Olhao that night we were too exhausted to even care about the infestation of ants that invaded our house while we were gone.......#awesome
On Wednesday we had divisions with Sister Cardoso and Sister Mancuso again. It seems like we have seen them so much in the last 2 transfers, so it's a good thing we like them. haha I was able to do divisions with Sister Mancuso this time, which was awesome! She has so much energy and it is so fun to work with her.
I studied a lot about faith this week. President Tavares has been stressing faith a lot in our work lately because our mission seems to be struggling a bit. The Talk by Gene R. Cook called "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" completely changed my perspectives on a lot of things, but especially on my work as a missionary. Needless to say, sometimes difficult times are necessary to help us realize "what more we can do." I spent this week trying to improve in every aspect of my work. I started with writing down every rule that I found in the missionary manual to try and realize what I could do to be more obedient. I tried to completely forget about any fears I have and talk with everyone. I am trying to do everything I can think of to try and better myself and increase my faith. It is a work in progress, and it is not easy, but I know that we will see miracles! The hardest part about this, is that the miracles don't come until after we exercise our faith.  We are working harder, but satan seems to be working harder too. There was one day this week when Sister Andrade was a bit frustrated and discouraged about things here, but we had an appointment set up with Dalia-our golden investigator we met last week. I told her that we needed the spirit more than ever in this lesson, and we weren't going to let our discouragement get in the way! Not Today Satan. Not Today. We said a prayer and I was literally so stoked and excited for the lesson! But just to demonstrate the principle that it is only after our faith that the miracles happen, when we showed up to Dalia's apartment she wasn't there.....hahaha To be honest I just had to laugh after because God definitely has a sense of humor. And sometimes agency is the devil! Oh my. But still I am just going to keep exercising my faith. I would not trade this experience for anything. I can honestly say I am so grateful for every trial and every difficulty I have had. It is so clear to me that I grow more in times of difficulty than in times of ease.
Ficam Fixe Fam. Amo-Voces!

-Sister Selk
I found my new favorite place in the capela.


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Cover to Cover - Aug 3

Oh family. You absolutely slayed me with the pictures this week. Ahhh. 
Needless to say, the wedding reception looked perfect, the cabin looked perfect, and you all looked pretty perfect. I love seeing you all so happy! 
It seems like with each week here in Olhão my love for the people here grows more and more. I especially felt a lot of love for the members and from the members this week, which was incredible. It was a week of almoços! We had meals with members 4 out of the 7 days this week! I have decided that if I can just learn how to cook like the Portuguese I will be perfectly content in life. They know how to cook, and my belly seems to be showing it. 
Monday night last week we had Noite Famíliar and dinner with the Machado family. They are such a cute family with 2 kids- Bea e Simon. We were able to teach them about family unity, and it was really good to get to know their family better.
Tuesday we had almoço with Rosaria. I don´t know if I have ever talked about Rosaria, but she is probably one of my favorite people here in Olhão. She is a recent convert, just the spunkiest and most hilarious lady, and has a husband who is still not a member, but when we went over for lunch on Tuesday he said he really enjoyed us and we were welcome to come anytime. So we are going to work on that relationship so he can enter into the waters of baptism!!! 
And then on Wednesday we had almoço with Paula- another one of my very favorite recent converts in our ward! 
We were definitely spoiled with food this week!
So I seem to get paired up with companions that always seem to have health problems! Sister Andrade had a lot of problems with her stomach which at times is a struggle for us, but luckily she is pretty good to go out and work despite everything. I just wish I knew how to help her a little better!! I feel so helpless sometimes. I don't know what the deal is, butI feel like I am the only healthy Sister in the mission and I just wanted to say that I feel extremely blessed with my health! Blessing for sure. It definitely makes the work 10x easier when everyone is healthy and can work their hardest. 
Miracle story of the week:
On Wednesday afternoon we were waiting outside of a building for a member to arrive and let us in so we could visit Shana, and while we were waiting we saw a lady with a lot of heavy grocery bags. Anytime we see this situation we are quick to ask if they need any help, but there are a lot of proud Portuguese people. so usually they don't except our help. However, this time after insisting that we wanted to help her, this lady let us carry her groceries to her apartment. We found out that her name was Dalia, and it was quick surprising because one of the first things she said, was "Mormons right?" Apparently she had had the missionaries in her home in the past and knew quite a bit about our church. She was SUPER nice, and we were able to set up a time to visit her the next day. She has 4 kids, and said that they always like to hear our message too, which got us even more excited! We went over to her house the next day, and we were able to meet her 7 year old son Santiago who is just the cutest little boy, and had an awesome lesson with her!! She told us that she had 2 copies of the book of mormon that she had read a couple of times in the past. At first I thought that she meant she had opened it a couple times to read a couple verses, but we found out that she has actually read the book of mormon cover to cover 2 or 3 times!!!!!!
I just couldn't contain my smile when she told us this! She is so elect!!!
I know it is not going to be easy to teach her, because she has a lot of knowledge and has some questions that will be a bit of a challenge to answer, but I am so excited!!! We walked out of her door after the lesson and had to stop ourselves from screaming we were so excited!
We had an amazing sacrament meeting yesterday in church. I just LOVE fast and testimony meeting here in Olhão. I have had 3 here, and they never cease to amaze me! It is amazing to me that even though we are just a small branch here in Olhão, there are never any pauses in Testimonies. Everyone wants to get up and share their knowledge of the gospel. Incredible. In fact, yesterday I almost didn't get my turn because there were so many people that wanted to bear testimony. 
After church we were invited to have lunch with the Pintos (President pinto is the president of our Ramo) and their extended family. It was about 10 km outside of Olhão at their Mother´s house and it was so fun! They had a beautiful lot of land with some fruit trees, and it was fun to get to see more of the Algarve.
I don't have a lot more time, because we are headed to Lisboa this afternoon with the....CROSSMANS!!!! Whooo! I will probably fill you in more about this next week. Amo Vocês muito! 

-Sister Selk
Besides our church this is probably the second coolest church in Olhão

Francisco e Isabel Pinto

Gustavo is probably the most sassy and intelligent 11 year old I have ever met. haha

oh. did I mention that I was spoiled by the cutest nephews in the world?! Thanks Nix and Benz!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

July 27

Ola Familia.
So one of the sisters in our zone got sick this week and ended up in the hospital, so Sister Andrade and I ended up being in a tripla for a few days this week with Sister Mancuso. I think we decided that 3 is better than 2, because while doing contacts we can almost completely surround people so they can't just walk away from us. #winning We had a lot of fun together, but after a few days Sister Mancuso's companion got better and she had to head back to Faro. 
I really can't remember a whole lot that happened this week because it was honestly just a blur, so sorry if this email is chaos.
Friday was a super crazy day for us as well. It seemed like we were either laughing, running, or dying because of one thing or another. All the funny stories of the week seem to have happened on Friday. We had made something for the Roberts this week to officially welcome them to the Mission, and that afternoon we were taking it to their apartment. It was pretty fragile, so Sister Andrade was being careful to hold it so it wouldn't fall apart, but it was super windy that day. Anyways, we were walking down the street and a huge blast of wind came. Both of us were wearing flowy skirts, so of course both of our skirts went flying up. I was trying to hold down my skirt, sister Andrade was trying to protect the Robert's present, I was trying to hold down Sister Andrade's skirt as well.....and well basically we both ended up on the ground dying of laughter because I am sure it was a pretty humorous sight. We eventually recovered and got to the church with their present all in one piece. That same afternoon we had a lesson with Otilia, and during our lesson her "husband" Zeca came into the house. I think Zeca is probably the most hilarious, blunt, and dirty man I have ever met. He is SO crazy!!!!! If he isn't accusing us of being nuns he is accusing us of being lesbian......oh boy. I don't know what goes through that man's brain, but he hilarious nonetheless. Anyways, in the middle of our lesson he came in and we got talking and the next thing we knew he invited us to come eat with them! They have an apartment in one of the ruas that is for the workers in the area to store stuff and it has a little kitchen where he had been making some portuguese food, so we walked to this apartment and ended up having lunch with them and some other people in the neighborhood. I was one of those crazy spontaneous moments that was so good and so priceless, and we ended up getting 3 novos from that one dinner which was awesome!
 We didn't think we were going to have many people in church yesterday, because even though we worked hard, we still didn't have a ton of success with finding people who were actually interested in our message, but we were definitely blessed for our efforts. We ended up having more people in church than we have had in the last 6+ weeks here! It was awesome! People that we hadn't invited just showed up to the church. I have no doubt it was a tender mercy from God. 
This transfer is going to be full of miracles. I know it! Olhao is challenging, but I love everything about it. I know the Lord is preparing the people here.
Amo Voces.

-Sister Selk
A little bit of a crazy photo to capture this crazy moment. Also, I was so disappointed that you can't see Bruno's face in this foto, because he is honestly the cutest boy I have ever met! His eyes melt my heart.

Desculpe Mason.....Tenho um novo namorado :)
Oh also! Sister Andrade and I figured out this week that we could sleep with our heads at the foot of the bed so we would be closer to the fan. #Genius

fotos da primaria

This photo is just too perfect. Including our little friend in the back there.

July 20, 2015: Just like a fubeca!

olá família!
Well, It is official. I will be staying in Olhão for another transfer with Sister Andrade. We are pretty excited about it because we have a lot planned this transfer! It is going to be a good next 6 weeks, and one of the most exciting parts is that after this next 6 weeks summer will be almost over! I don't think I have ever wanted summer to end....until now. 40 degree weather just isn't my thing.
We had lots of news and changes that happened this week.
Starting with divisions! The Sister training leaders from Faro both came to work in Olhão this week. It was a little bit strange because normally one sister goes to Faro and the other sister stays, but they both wanted to come here, so we had a party with 4 girls in the house. I got to work with Sister Cardoso. She is super sweet, and super powerful. The native sisters just know how to tell it like it is, and I always learn a lot from them. 
During our division we went to visit Shana again, and she had a new helper named tina there. We  shared a message with her again, and Tina just absolutely loved it! She just kept saying "Amo ouvir as palavras de Deus." and explained how good she felt when we prayed. She asked if we could bring a book of Mormon for her the next time we come, and obviously we said we would love to.  #golden The only problem is that we think she might be lesbian.....hahaha but hey, nothing that can't be repented of and changed. So we will see where that goes!
Also while we were on divisions we were walking across the train tracks to get to the capela and we saw this lady that was in absolute distress. It was so sad! She was 90 years old and as she was walking across the train tracks her sapato completely fell apart! She had no shoes, it was rocky, and the look on her face was pure desperation. Luckily 2 nice missionary sisters were able to come to her rescue and help her out. We walked her over to a nearby bench and then tried to contact her son for her with no luck. So we just sat on the bench and talked with her for a while. She was in tears because she just felt so helpless, and I felt so bad for this little 90 year old lady! Finally we were able to find a lady who was able to give her a ride to her apartment and all was well! I saw her again yesterday and she had some nice looking new shoes on hahah She thanked me again for helping her, and it was just a tender moment. She is so cute.
On Wednesday Sister Andrade and I totally spaced that we had planned to have lunch with Nuno, Rosalia and their family, so we went home and made a decent lunch only to get a phone call after we had eaten from Nuno saying they were waiting for us. SO BAD. We felt so bad, and had to run over to their house and try to pretend that we hadn't just eaten food right before going there. Oh my goodness family, it was SO much food. I literally said a prayer in the middle of the meal just asking Heavenly Father to keep all the food in my stomach and not on their dinner table. We went back to our house after that to do language study and just about died in a food coma. Eating that much food in this heat is always a bad idea.
We found a new lady this week named Dunda! She is super cool-I know because the night we met her she was wearing the coolest Jesus Dress. It had pictures of Jesus all over it and said "I love Jesus" As soon as I saw her dress and I knew I needed to talk to her, but besides the dress she is actually super nice, and we are hoping to have a lesson with her this week. Sidenote: if anyone can find me a dress like that..... I want one real bad. 
We also ran into a group of guys from germany this week. They had biker vests on and just looked like some super cool cats, so I made Sister Andrade go with me to get a picture with them. Surprisingly Sister Andrade didn't think I was completely crazy and was really excited about the idea, so we went and asked them and they were super hilarious and a good time. 
We got a new casal this week! The Roberts will be taking the place of the Crossmans here in Olhão. I AM SO SAD!!!! The Crossmans are just the most incredible people, and even though I am sure the Roberts will be just won´t be the same. Uhhh... tears fam. I love the Crossmans. We had our last supper last night with them and the elders before transfer calls. I am going to miss all of Elder Crossman's witty commentary. Like yesterday when we were cooking in the kitchen and he asked us if we knew Miley Cirus, and then proceeded to sing "wrecking ball" (is that what it is called? I don't even remember....) But instead he changed the lyrics to "Just like a Fubeca!" So funny! Wish my explanation of this experience actually did it justice. Basically they are my favorite, and I am so sad that I won't get to spend the last 3 weeks of their mission with them, but fortunately they said they would drive up to Canada for my homecoming, so their is still hope in this world! Muitos obrigados para eles. 
I think that about sums up my week for you. It was great, and fast, and sad, and all the things that a mission usually is. Love you guys! Thanks for everything! Ficam bem. Muitos beijinhos. 

-Sister Selk
Our 90 year old lady friend we helped out this week. So cute, I just had to take a picture

divisions with our lovely Sister training leaders

last supper..... :,(

One of our German friends

I think we take pictures with Nuno and Rosalia about once a week.