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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

How great is my calling!

Minha Familia!
What is going on my family!? First of all let me just say that your emails are incredible, so keep up the good work, you are making this sister very very happy. Wow, I am so lucky!
At the beginning of this week we had an awesome lesson with a recent convert who has been in and out of activity. Her husband is currently in the army and she is 22 with 2 kids....crazy. I can't even imagine, but having her husband gone has been really good for their relationship ironically enough. It has made them both realize that they want the gospel in their lives. So good. We talked all about the Book of Mormon, and as you know, in the MTC I got a huge testimony of asking questions as you read the Book of Mormon, so we decided to do this with her for her lesson. We had her think of a specific question right there (she is moving in about a month, so she had a question regarding that) and then we asked her to pic a number between 1-531 and then we had her pick a verse from the page she picked. I was not surprised when we read the verse and it answered her question perfectly. PERFECTLY! All she could say was "Woah"....."Woah". She was in shock, and we really had nothing else to say, so it ended up being a pretty short lesson but it was soooo good. The church is true fam. Wow.
We have been trying to do a lot of contacting this week since the wards have been changed which has created a whole bunch of opportunities for us. We were able to contact this amazing young family this week-The Walkers. While we were visiting with them I just kept thinking "why are they not members yet?" They know a lot about the church, and they are such good people, so I am hoping we can make some progress with them because they are just awesome!
We had some pretty tragic news this week. We only have about 4 investigators we are currently working with, and we just found out on Friday that 2 of those got taken from their grandmother- Sister Reese this week. Sister Reese is an amazing woman who has done an amazing job raising her grandchildren, so she was just devastated by this happening. We were able to stop by her house and share a message with her, and the spirit was very strong as we did so. We fasted for their family yesterday, and we have already seen some amazing Miracles come out of it. Sister Reese and her husband came to church yesterday, and even though they are going through this devastated time they are doing exactly what they should be and are relying on the Lord. I can't even explain it, but I know that everything will work out for them.
Saturday was Sister Wagner's Birthday! PaRtY!...or missionary work...same thing right? We had a little celebration that night at sister Sunkees house and also at the Reynolds which was fun. We also had a tender mercy that day as well. Last week I talked about going to visit a trailer in the trailer park, but then we ended up visiting with Jack Ray etc. Well we went back to the original trailer we were planning on visiting and they ended up being home this time! There were 6 of us in this tiny little trailer, so it was quite crammed, but we had an amazing visit with these people! It is a long story, but they ended up curling sister wagner's hair while we shared scriptures with them and talked all about trials and the good! haha so good!
Yesterday was probably the highlight of the week! We drove out to Payson to get some more training on the temple open house. THE PAYSON TEMPLE IS GORGEOUS! WOW. It literally doesn't even look real. We got to take a tour of the temple with Brother Richards of the 70. It was quite the experience. President McCune testified that he knew that for some of us, the Payson Temple open house could be the sole reason we got called to this mission. As he said this, I definitely got the most overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort. I don't know exactly what is going to happen during the temple open house, but I am stoked for it and spiritually preparing myself for this event. Before I walked in the temple I thought a lot about Ashley, Uncle Wayne, and Aunt Jocelyn during the Calgary temple open house. I just feel something special about temple open houses since that happened, and I can't help but feel that she is preparing people for this event. The inside of the temple was absolutely breathtaking. Being counseled by Brother Richards inside the temple was....incredible, and seeing about 100 sister missionaries standing in awe in the Celestial room is a picture I will never forget. As far as I know so far I will be volunteering on the Monday afternoon shift and depending on what is going on with my travel plans to Portugal, I may or may not be doing the Tuesday morning shift as well. I am so blessed to be a part of this temple open house, even if it may just be for one day.
Every week I can't get over just how blessed I am to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is just incredible. How great is my calling! 
I am praying for you all. I love you so much! Thanks for everything you do, and for all of your prayers. I can feel them give me strength every day! You guys are awesome!
Amo Voces!
-Sister Selk

We took advantage of being the furthest area in the mission and drove to the Colorado border.  Not much to see - haha!

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