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Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Minha Familia!
This week was probably one of the longest weeks of my life! Lots of contacting, finding, hunting, and inviting that went on this week. We had a ton we were trying to get accomplished because at our district meeting this week we set some high goals that we were determined to achieve. We also had two baptisms that were marked for this weekend, so lots of work needed to be done.
Both João and Johny-another joão-were marked for baptism....but unfortunately both are a bit flaky and unpredictable, so we spend the majority of our week trying to track them down! haha We stopped by their houses, called them about 10 times a day and were working really hard to make sure their baptisms were solid. Johny was supposed to be baptized on Saturday and we couldn`t find him anywhere. He was never home and just ignored our calls, so he didn`t end up getting baptized...sad day.
And then there is João...hahah oh my. This is the guy that we just aren`t sure is completely all there, but he definitely gives us some good laughs. Everytime we call him the song "having a good time" comes on the phone and then he answers with "Tá!" I don`t know why it is so funny, but every time sister Bryner and I just die laughing! Also earlier this week he showed up at the church on his bike and when Sister Bryner and I saw him he was perfectly posed leaning up against his bike with his hip popped out.....I am just not doing this situation justice by trying to describe it, but trust me, it was hilarious! Always some good laughs with João. We thought he was so excited to be baptized and everything, but then on Thursday he stopped answering all of our calls and wouldn`t show up to the appointments that he always showed up to, so we got really worried. We spend Saturday night going on a crazy man hunt for him with the Elders in our disctrict because we didn`t have his address. We knocked on so many doors and asked so many people and after asking so many people, and A HUGE MIRACLE, we found him! I`m telling you fam, it was a major miracle. It was a big trial of faith, but Heavenly Father always provides a way. João passed his interview to be baptized and said he was excited, but when Sunday came he didn`t show up to church and we went searching for him again but he wasn´t at his house. So our second marked baptism fell through and Sister Bryner and I were pretty discouraged, but we have decided to just start from scratch and find some super solid people this week. I am excited!
We did get to go to a baptism this week. It was for a lady in our area named Celeste who the elders taught and we have taught her a few times as well, so that was definitely an exciting part of the week. We got to bring one of our investigators as well. He is from India and is a Christian that just loves talking to us about God and has some amazing values, but he just needs to find a different job so that he can come to church with us on Sunday.
It was so fun to be able to talk to the family yesterday! You all looked SO good! You are the best, and I really appreciate all your love and support! Nix and Benz are looking older already! What the heck! That can´t happen already! 
Have an amazing week! Amo Vocês!
-Sister Selk

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