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Friday, 28 August 2015

ainda bem - Aug 24

Como estão?!
Last Monday we had a SUPER solid noíte famíliar with a family in our ward. They are both leaders in the Ramo, but their family has been struggling for quite some time. Sister Andrade and I tried to plan a really powerful message for them, but let me just tell you, in the end the lesson ended up being led completely by the spirit, and it was incredible! At the end of the night, both of the boys in the family said that we had done something that no one else had been able to do, and the spirit was undeniable. I can honestly say that it was nothing we did, but it was 100% because of the spirit. It was amazing to feel the change that came into the room as we had them remember the feeling they had when they were sealed together as a family in the temple. I have a testimony of the sealing power, and the strength that comes as we remember the covenants we make in the temple.
This week we spent a lot of our time trying to get Zeca and Otilia to come with us to the Conservatorio to mark their wedding.....oh my goodness. Trying to get Zeca to go to the conservatorio with us is like trying to get a 3 year old to go pee on the potty. It is nearly impossible to get that man to be serious for 2 seconds! We were talking with him in the street one morning, and were so close to convincing him to use his lunch hour to come with us...until he saw an amigo in the street and called him over and starting explaining that Sister Andrade wanted to marry him, and that I wanted to marry this other guy.....hahah oh my this man is crazy! It is all jokes with him, but I think this other man thought he was serious because he grabbed my hand and wouldn´t let go until sister Andrade had to say "Já Chega!".....I think at this point just about every story I have revolves around Zeca. 
So we will see if we can get him to the conservatorio tomorrow....because it still hasn't happened.
We were able to have a lesson with Ana Batista this week. She has a ton of potential, now we just have to get her to church!
Siquina came to church again yesterday! She is absolutely incredible! She comes to church not just to hear, but to learn. In Sunday school, if she doesn't understand something, she stops us and asks us to explain. That is probably one of the most incredible things to see as a missionary. She is progressing, and learning more and more about the church. Not to mention she is just adorable.
We weren't able to see Alicia this week. It is hard because sometimes she is at her grandmas house and sometimes she is at her moms house, so it makes it a little complicated to try and track her down, but we will try again this week.
When we had our division with Sister Tavares, we contacted a lady named Paula and her son Miguel in the street. They literally live about 2 seconds away from the church, and we were able to get their information and set up an appointment to give them a book of mormon. We stopped by later this week, and talked with them more about the book of mormon. It went super well! I asked her if she had any questions, and she said that she did but that it was more of a personal question. She said she has so much respect for people that leave their comfort zone and go out and do things like this. She asked us why we were here, and why we were doing what we are doing. This is probably one of my favorite questions that anyone can ask. It is so amazing to explain and testify to people that we are here because I know that this is the ONLY true church, that I know without a doubt that this gospel has brought more joy into my life and the life of my family than anything else, and that I am here to help spread that joyful message to other people. I think she was touched by our testimonies, and I am praying that things will progress with her. There is a possibility that they will be moving in the next few weeks, so we are praying that that doesnt happen!
I love this gospel. I love being a missionary. I love life. I love you all! Beijinhos!!!

-Sister Selk

We wanted to take a few pictures after church last week, and pretty soon everyone wanted pictures with us, so here are a few!



P-day spent with the Pintos and their family!

I definitely look like a chubby adolescent 11 year old in this photo, but Nuno showed us the best place to buy rice pudding and I was super stoked about it!

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