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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Oct 21, 2015

Well as you can probably guess...this week has already been another crazy week. Long story short, our district meeting got moved to today and yesterday we wanted a full day to work in our area, and being that there is no internet in we are on Wednesday. #Mafralife (Oh also, we got switched back to the mem martins district and are pretty dang excited about it.)
It seems like last week was ages ago, but at the same time the past week and a half has flown by because of all the craziness. So much has happened in such a little amount of time.
We finally made it back to our area last Tuesday night with our phone....that's a whole other story that I don't even want to begin to explain, but just when it felt good to be back working in our area we got told that on Thursday we would have a zone Conference in Linda Velha! So Wednesday we worked in our area as long as we could and then caught the bus to mem martins to spend the night with the sisters.
Zone conference was a lot different than it has been in the past. We had our regular training with the president etc. but then that afternoon at about 5 we were told that every single missionary in our zone work would work in Linda Velha for the rest of the day. It was crazy. We basically just stormed the streets with 50 missionaries, and at first it was a little bit ridiculous (getting stopped by about 20 missionaries is a little bit intimidating and useless in my opinion), but eventually we got split up enough and Sister Tilton and I were able to have see some real miracles happen which totally changed our perspective on the whole activity.
The first miracle we saw was that we actually ended up running into a less active member of the ward there in Linda Velha on the street. Her name was Odete and when she saw us she had a huge smile on her face and said "Sisters!!" Of course we got talking, found out she was a member, and we were about 3 steps away from her apartment so she invited us into her house. Because we weren't planning on having this lesson I decided I would share my favorite scripture in Proverbs 3:5-7. As she listened she began to cry and got really emotional. I bore my testimony and asked what she needed in that moment. She said that that scripture was exactly what she needed. The spirit was so strong and it was amazing to see how the Lord had put us right in her path. 
That was definitely the highlight from our adventure in Linda Velha, but we were also able to make some amazing contacts for the missionaries there. Because we worked there basically the rest of the night, we weren't able to make it back to Mafra that night. Surprise. 
Mafra definitely got neglected this week!
And to top it off, Saturday we were so excited to have the whole day to work in our area, but we woke up to a hurricane. I kid you not. It was literally like a hurricane outside. It was like that horrible horrible southern alberta wind that always destroys houses and fences with a down pour of rain. So we stayed in our house that morning and did some much needed cleaning of our house. Luckily that afternoon the weather completely cleared up (It was crazy how fast the weather changed!!) and we were able to go out and work after lunch.
Although we didn't have a lot of time to work in our area, we did still have some amazing experiences! We contacted a lady named Joana in the street Saturday night and invited her to church, and she actually showed up to church the next day! I think Mason said almost the exact same thing in his letter this week that usually "it's not that easy". We have an appointment set up with her tomorrow, so we will see how it goes, but she really seemed to like church, so I am excited! 
Sunday night we also contacted a man named Rocho in the street, and he is probably the most elect person I have contacted thus far. When we stopped him he said he was just on a walk thinking about God and how he could help his family have more faith in God. We talked for about half an hour about his family and God, and he said he would love to visit us in our church. Sister Tilton and I walked away from that contact pretty much dazed. We couldn't believe it! So incredible.
Speaking of Sister Tilton. She is amazing! I think she is probably my companion most similar in personality to me that I have had thus far, so basically we get along great and I am stoked for this transfer together. It has already been amazing.
We have been planning an activity for the relief society this week, which is going to happen this Saturday and I think it is actually going to turn out amazingly with lots of success! I will have to tell you how it goes next week.
Hope you all have an incredible week! Love you guys! Andam com Deus.
Paz e Bênçãos.

-Sister Selk

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