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Friday, 13 November 2015

Running Miracles

Well....I feel like we didn´t stop running once this week to fulfill all the miracles that God had in store for us. In other words it was a pretty rad week.
I have so much to tell you about since last week I didn´t get to doing a big email, so I will try and include some things that happened last week that continued into this week.
Starting with Dia das Almas. 
Halloween basically doesn´t exist here in Portugal. so we had a fun time last weekend teaching people how to do halloween the american way, but they do have a holiday called dia das almas the day after halloween. Basically it is a day to remember all those who have passed away, so lots of people will visit their loved ones etc. Knowing this, Presidente Tavares wanted us to spend that Sunday in the cemetaries talking to people about the plan of salvation. I am not going to lie....we didn´t have a ton of success from that activity, BUT we did end up finding one man named João Carlos who is incredible, so it was worth it!!!
He was actually the security guard at the cemetary and was the very last contact we decided to make before leaving. We were walking down the street only a few days later and he saw us. completely stopped his car in the middle of the road just to say hi and that we should call him to set up a lesson.....WHAT! That kind of stuff never happens in Portugal!!!!! Long story short we were able to talk to him this week and had a killer lesson! He accepted everything amazingly, but the only problem that we can see at this point is that he isn´t married.....But we have faith that we will be able to overcome this no problem!
As for other exciting news......JOANA!!!!
All of this has happened so fast with Joana that I haven´t been able to talk to much about her, but she is by far the most elect and accepting person I have met on the mission thus far! She is incredible! Just 3 weeks ago we met her on the street, and this past weekend she was baptized as the newest member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!! We didn´t end up doing her baptism last week because we wanted to make sure was taught everything sufficient and that she understood, but she really was prepared since the moment we talked to her! 2 Sundays ago during fast and testimony meeting, she just decided to get up and share her testimony with everyone!!!! Sister Tilton and I were BLOWN AWAY!!! It was a beautiful testimony too. She basically said that she believed that the church was true and that we would work together to achieve salvation.....yup......she is pretty cool! 
I am literally just amazing everytime we talk to her! The other day we were asking what she did that day and she told us, "Oh I was looking up some stuff about the temple and looking at pictures...." It is the strangest thing because I feel like I didn´t actually do anything to prepare her. We just simply gave her the information and she accepted and did everything on her own. One thing that we have been doing with our investigators is teach the law of opposition to them before baptism. We were teaching her this principle and said that there might be things that come up that could keep her from being baptized and she should be prepared to face these things and overcome them. While we were talking to her about it she just simply looked at us and said so firmly, "I am getting baptized this Saturday."
It was so powerful, and I just love her so much!
Her baptism was perfect. That´s really all I can say. From the perfect tempture to her getting out of the font and saying, "Ah, Que Bom!!!" The Lord had his hand in every moment.
As for other things that happened this week:
I officially hit 9 months!!! Sister Tilton spoiled me way too much with a breakfast and we had a solid day-we got to have dinner with the president of our group and his wife in the house of Sebastiana and Luis, and then that night we went to mem martins because the next day we had zone meeting. Our zone meeting was really good and I always receive a good burst of energy to go out and do better.
It is also interesting because this week we have had a lot of experiences with Brazilians! We have about 3 or more brazilian families that we are teaching including João Carlos, and they are all so cool!!! It is super interesting to get a small glimpse at what a mission in Brazil might be like because most Brazilians here in Portugal are much more willing to talk to us and accept the gospel. Hence why our group consists mainly of brazilians....haha Just last night, we were staying in Mem Martins with the Sisters and they asked us if we could stay in their house and wait for a man to come change their gas while they went out to teach a lesson. Well, this man showed up and he ended up being from Brazil. He ended up talking to us for about 1/2 hour because he saw that we were missionaries and told us that he was just here for a few months until he could get back to brazil but said that he knew all about the church because his both in Brazil was a member and would talk about it all the time. He said he follows the church on facebook, and basically knows just about everything about the church!!! It was crazy! He loved hearing all about the church and actually wanted to visit the church in Brazil, but thought he needed an invitation to go, so he never ended up going. Sister Tilton and I were pretty much freaking out listening to this man speak! We couldn´t believe it. The Lord knew we couldn´t go out and work, so he brought someone to us. We ended up giving him a Book of Mormon etc. and we will see what happens to him!
I think that´s about all I have to say this week. We are just getting showered with miracles and it feels incredible! We have been so blessed. The Lord is amazing. Hope you all have a great week. O Senhor ama Vocês! Fiquem Bem Família!!!! Paz e Bênçãos.

-Sister Selk

We had a joint baptism with Sister Bryner and Sister Bakker-one of the last times with Sister Bryner!!!


Zona de Oeiras

I had to include my camel because I am in love with him!!

These are the most magical pants that ever existed on the face of the planet. Amazing.

just one of the reasons I am living in paradise :)

We were working in Ericeira the other day and there was the most amazing sunset!!!!! Just ignore my eye. I am still having some problems with it.....

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