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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Michaela's Christmas gift to her family -a poem she wrote about a recent, true incident in the life of a much younger missionary - her nephew Nixon.

Ok, so I wanted to send you this in the mail to have for Christmas.....but mission life happened and I didn´t get it done, but I have this document attached and I DONT WANT YOU GUYS TO READ IT UNTIL CHRISTMAS MORNING BEFORE WE SKYPE!!!!! Tá bem? but make sure you read it before we skype.... :) It is not much, but it is my little Christmas present to you guys.

Love you all! 

Show and Tell

One day in school a teacher said right before the bell,
"Tomorrow's very special we'll be having Show and Tell."
A little boy began to think of all the things that he might share,
"A toy, my dog, my brother, or something really rare?"
His little face was giddy, he just couldn't hold it in
As he told his mom the news he had nothing but a grin.
But soon his eyes grew puzzled and his face turned to concern,
He had one little problem that he had to discern.
"Mom" he said, "I'm troubled...I just don't know what to bring!"
She laughed and said "it's simple son, just about anything!"
So then the searching started as he disappeared from sight,
He didn't want just anything, it had to be just right.
Just minutes after searching the mother heard him grunt
It was a signal to the end of the great big treasure hunt.
"I found it, this is perfect, the greatest gift of all!"
Pretty soon the mother heard his little footsteps in the hall.
He said, "Mom, I want to take this, it's very special to me."
Curious the mom asked, "Nixon can I see?"
Gently he cradled a small picture frame
And handed it to his mom as if it were something of great fame.
Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized what he had,
A beautiful picture of Jesus Christ when he was just a lad.
"What will you tell them?" She asked her son.
He replied so simply, "That Jesus loves everyone."
Finally the day arrived, Nix walked to school with pride
And told his class of Jesus Christ with nothing left to hide.
He didn't care what people thought or the things that they might say.
He was a great example to all of us that day.
May we remember his example this beautiful Christmas season
To show and tell everyone, Jesus is the real reason.

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