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Monday, 4 January 2016

I am expecting!

Well fam. The news is out. This sister is going to be getting a filha on Wednesday!! Ahhhhh! 
I really don´t know a whole lot still, but I do know that her name is sister Andrews, so basically she already sounds perfect.
I am extremely excited and extremely nervous.
These past few days have been absolutely crazy with trying to get everything in time. We had an awesome week with lots of exciting things!
First of all. We marked our friend Paulo to be baptized this weekend and he accepted and is absolutely incredible, but I am not exactly sure how everything is going to work out, because our training falls on the only day that we can talk to him this week, so if his baptism isn´t this week it will for sure be next week. Paulo is amazing! Every lesson we teach him just sticks with him! The last lesson we had we were talking about enduring to the end, and we explained to him that he had to stop smoking in order to be baptized. I am not going to lie, we were a little nervous about his ability to quit smoking because he is kind of an anxious person, but when we talked to him on the phone and again in church yesterday he said that he had already quite smoking! I was absolutely blown away! BLOWN AWAY! He said, "I just thought about what you guys said about enduring to the end and I quit." He´s so cool. So if you could keep him in your prayers to coontinue on this path that would be incredible! :)
New years eve was pretty good! We had divisions with sisters Ventura and McChesney, so it was super fun to be able to serve with Sister Ventura again! We did an activity outside the church where we put up posters for people to write down there goals for the new year. It was actually super interesting to see what people wrote down, and it seemed to get a lot of people thinking which was good. I actually met a lady who passed by who was raised in Canada, but is Portuguese and returned to Portugal about 20 years ago. She got incredible excited to know that I was from canada, and said, "Ahh! This is the best Christmas Present!" haha She´s basically just the cutest, spunkiest thing ever, and invited us to pass by anytime, so you know we are going to take her up on that offer. That night we also went over to Familia Bernardo´s house and had a big dinner, and then basically all the sister passed out before midnight, so I celebrated alone by thinking of all my many blessings and was completely fine with that! I am so blessed!
I don´t have a whole lot much more to say about this week. It was just a bit of a blur....and it doesn´t help that we were up until about 3:30 last night packing Sister Lacey´s bags and prepping the house. 
But I hope you guys have a wonderful week. Love you all!
Paz e bênçãos!

-Sister Selk

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