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Monday, 28 March 2016

Sleep is for the weak.

I don´t think it will come as any surprise that we had another crazy week! A ton of work to be done and not enough time to do it, so unfortunately it has cut into a bit of my sleeping time. But I will sleep when I am dead, I am just extremely grateful for the success that we have been having! I think President has noticed that we are doing good things here in Montijo, and I am sure that it is because of all of your prayers as well that we found out Sister Andrew and I will be staying together another transfer!!!!! I am not going to lie, I was absolutely sure one of us would be leaving, and we were pretty bummed about it the whole week, but then we actually got in on the secret a little early that we would be staying together and we are absolutely stoked about it! It is pretty rare for companions to stay together more than 2 transfers in this mission, but it is just our luck because we have about 3 people we are preparing for baptism!
We are going to get some serious work done this transfer!!! I´m Super excited about it.
As for main events this week.
We had our zone meeting on Tuesday, and I got my training finally out of the way. Like I said before, you know how much I love public speaking, so I was not really looking forward to giving this training, but it turned out pretty well I think! 
We also had our 3rd division for the transfer, but this time I got to go to Mem Martins!!!! I was so excited about it because since I went there every week when I was serving in Mafra, I actually already know a ton of the people even though I haven´t ever actually served there. I served with Sister Barron for the day. She was in the MTC with me, but since then I haven´t served very closely with her, so it was fun to get to spend some time with her.
We visited a lot of people I already knew which was awesome, and even got to go see Joelma and Andreia who go help out Mafra every week.
We literally got home from our division Thursday at about 6, after traveling for 2 hours, and it was absolutely crazy because we had a ward talent show scheduled for 6 on Thursday as well. We ran home and dropped all our things off, I grabbed my uke, and we headed to the church. I am going to be completely honest and say that the hour that we started the activity Sister Andrew and I had NO idea what we were going to do still, and hadn´t practiced anything. (Who has time for that?) So we ended up getting to the church and winging the song Hallelujah hahah oh my goodness, SO CRAZY!!! We did it 2 times through- Sister Andrew sang and I played the uke. It was quite the sight..... But hey, it didn´t end up being too bad for making it up on the spot! haha We also had 4 investigators show up to the activity which was awesome, and we also had a member bring their mom, with whom we will be doing a family home evening this week! Crossing our fingers that we have some success from this member reference!!! 
I don´t have a ton of time to write, but just for an update, Denilson, and Toni are marked for baptism on the 10th of April, and they are probably the coolest people ever!!! Sister Andrew and I are incredibly excited we get to stay together and continue to teach them until that point. Please keep them in your prayers that everything runs smoothly for them. 
We had tons of other incredible lessons and experiences this week, but I am running short on time. The Lord is blessing us extremely here in Vasco da Gama! Our next project is convincing President Tavares that we need a car, because we literally do not have enough time for everything! It is a pretty amazing feeling.
Thanks for all the love and support fam. Love you all! Hope you had an amazing Páscoa.
Paz e Bênçãos!

-Sister Selk
Zone Pride! Miratejo March 2016
Divisions with these Lovely sisters! And I got to see Mariano!!  
Some pictures from our ward talent show this week!

Graziela taught us how to make her specialty dish this week. So Good.

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