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Monday, 18 April 2016

Copy and Paste

"Well the title of this email basically sums up the week.  It has been raining a lot here... and for some reason it seems like nobody is home and nobody wants to receive us... Haha So basically we had a nice little trial of just putting our shoulder to the wheel and working as hard as we could with our umbrellas in the rain! «-- Except we don´t even own an umbrella."
That was the first few lines of Mason´s last email, which I thought summed up our week perfectly. haha Funny how the Lord works.
If you all just want to go read his email, you will get a pretty good idea of what we experienced here in Montijo this week. We were trying to work super hard towards the goals that we had made, but everything seemed to slip through our fingers.
We tried contacting our golden family from last week, but every time we passed by the 14 year old son was the only one at home. We honestly were trying so hard! We actually ran into their son on the way home from the zone conference we had this week on the bus. And as we approached the stop closest to his house I made the decision to again try and meet with this family again. It was pouring rain, we had our huge area binder with us, and we were pretty excited to just go home, eat something, change into clothes suitable for rain, and then go to work again, but I was determined to meet with the family. We walked with Ruben to his house, but again nobody was home. It was a super bummer, but I am sure we will have success this week.
Like I mentioned, we had our Zone Conference this week. It was super good. I cannot even begin to describe my love for Presidente and Sister Tavares. I haven´t talked about them enough, but they are absolutely incredible people. I was able to have a good little interview with Prez. He asked that he interview me first, which was nice because he was able to take a little bit more time to give me some good advice about our area. After Sister Tavares came up to me, and we started talking. We ended up being the last people to leave the conference because we spend a good hour or more talking to her and just trying to soak in all the advice we could from her.
It was nice to receive a little bit of parental guidance.
I don´t have much more to report since this week was a slower one, but get ready for next week, because I am certain we are going to see miracles flooding into our work here in Vasco.
Love you guys! Thanks for all the love and support. Fiquem Bem.
Paz e Bênçãos

-Sister Selk

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