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Monday, 23 May 2016


I thought nearing the end of my mission I would be accustomed to how busy life is, but it always surprises me each week how much actually happens and how much I still have to learn.
This week Elder Bednar came to visit our mission.
Let´s just say that I don´t think that man ever sleeps, breaths or eats. 
I literally don´t know how he does everything that he does!
All the missionaries in our mission went to Lisbon on Friday to be addressed by him. We were all packed in the little Benfica chapel and it was ROASTING in that room. That´s what I can the refining fire of the spirit.....or just way too many sweaty missionaries in one little room. 
Elder Bednar arrived after we sang the opening hymn and said the opening prayer and left before we sang the closing hymn and said the closing prayer, so it was pretty clear that he was on a tight timeline. 
But during our 3 hours with him he asked us a lot of questions, and also gave us the opportunity to ask him questions. The whole 3 hours was just a question and answer period, which was super interesting. 
He is such a power house! He is bold and direct, but so loving in his words, and it was a bit unreal only being a few rows from him. 
I know I personally received a lot of revelation and answers during that time, and he helped me view and understand the holy ghost much clearer.
We were also super fortunate, because on Sunday he gave a conference especially for our stake of Setubal, so just the missionaries serving in the Setubal stake got to listen to him again yesterday. It was another amazing meeting, and I was especially excited because I got to see all my family from Montijo! And not only them, but I also got to see Sister Andrade! 
Not long after I walked in the door I spotted all the members from Montijo and they all gave me the warmest smiles. I was literally so happy.....AHHH I miss my Montijo Family! And what made me even happier is that 2 members who we were working to reactivate were there!! Both Dionisio and Bruno were there, and they were both as happy to see me as I was to see them. 
Sister Andrade spotted me when I came in and ran up and gave me a great big hug! I got to sit with her for the first few minutes, but then there were too many people and not enough chairs, so all the missionaries gave up their chairs and we stood the 2 hours along the walls. (That alone was a touching sight to see)
During most of the conference with Elder Bednar I was just writing down all the things I was grateful for, because my feelings of gratitude were out the roof yesterday morning. I honestly can´t even begin to describe how grateful I am for my mission and all the people and experiences I have encountered. I don´t want to believe that it is coming to an end.
As for other exciting things things that happened during the week.
We have been working in an area called azeitão this week. It is honestly one of the most beautiful places I have seen while being in Portugal. There are lots of vineyards and trees, and it is a whole other part of Portugal that I have never experienced. We were able to find some new people to teach there, and actually ended up marking a mother and a daughter (milia and sandra) for baptism. I think they are going to require a bit of preparation, so we have planned for their baptism in June, and we will see what happens! We had a really good lesson with them, and Milia was really interested in Joseph Smith, and just began to explain that she too has had the same questions Joseph Smith had in respect to there being so many churches.
I love humble people that just realize that this gospel makes so much on the other hand, we interrupted our P-day to have a lesson with a couple who turned out to be 7th day adventists.....they were not so humble. :)
The work has not been super easy lately. I thought coming to Setubal where I have heard of there being a lot of success it would be a bit easier, but it has been a bit of a struggle trying to find people who are truly interested in learning more, but little by little we are building things up.
I am still having way too much fun living in a house with 4 sisters. It is such a party, We had our first french class this week, and it was good to be able to review some of the things in french that I knew and completely forgot when Portuguese entered my head. We will see how far I can get with that in the next 10 weeks! 
Sister Vanaquer is also teaching us how to break dance......haha Oh my gosh, she is the coolest human being! She is just way too cool for me, but I am trying to pick up as much french swagg as I can while we are living together. Sister Vanaquer and I have been running in the morning and then we have meet up with the other Sisters in the church and have about a 1/2 hour dance lesson. I will see what I can do to arrange a video for you guys :) The other morning we were learning how to spin on our out fam, Sister Selk is going to have some serious swag by the time she gets home!
Love you guys so much!  Hope you have have an incredible week, and just remember to count your blessing because there are many to be counted!
Paz e Bênçãos!

-Sister Selk

Montijo Members:
Minhas queridas! Rita and Matilda

Bruno, one of the coolest less actives we were working with! I was super stoked to see him.
It made my day when paulo had to run up to me as soon as he saw me to shake my hand. I Love this man, and the transformation I have seen in him.
                                                               Guess Who Else I Saw??

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