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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

Well my head has kind of been everywhere since I received the most recent news. I am excited for a change, but at the same time I am trying to work as hard as I can to leave this area  better than I left it.
Like normal, this week absolutely flew by! We have had a ton of work to do which has been so nice! It has been pretty common for us to be sprinting to our house at night in order to get in by curfew. Makes for some interesting adventures, and extremely sweaty sisters.
Oh, have I mentioned that summer has officially started again in Portugal.....I guess we will see if I absolutely die of heat again, but the good news is, is that cars have air conditioning :)
So a bit of an update on the people we are teaching:
We made dinner for Luisa this week and got to teach her and her 9 year old son Miguel the plan of salvation. It was another super solid lesson and I think they really liked it. Miguel is only 9 but is SO intelligent! As we were asking questions in the lesson he was giving the most intelligent answers, and not only answering the questions we gave him, but also asking his own profound questions. They are progressing really well, but the only problem at this point is the fact that Luisa works almost every Sunday, so we are trying to come up with some way to get her to church! After finishing that lesson Thursday night I just wanted to cry thinking I have to leave all these people that I love so much! Luckily I won´t be going too far away.
Toni. My main man! Oh my goodness. Miracle of the week: Toni showed up for church on Sunday!!!! I couldn´t help but have a huge smile appear on my face when he showed up sunday morning in his striped T-shirt and blazer combo. He is just the best! We are planning on baptizing him this weekend if everything goes according to plan. We are still waiting to see if he has work or not, but I am pretty confident that he will be baptized this week. SUPER STOKED!!!!
So let me just say a big thank you for all of your prayers for the people I mentioned last week because we definitely felt the blessings. Not only did Toni show up to church, but we also had another man named Rui show up.
Rui is a bit of a funny story....
The other week we were on the way back from our district meeting on the bus, and usually I like to read scriptures or whatever on the way back, but this time I decided we were going to get up and contact people. Well, because of this we met Rui! He is 47 and kind of reminds me of Paulo in the fact that he is.....well....unique, but just so prepared to hear the gospel. We met with him the first day and he likes to talk A LOT, so we didn´t even get through the first lesson, but then the next day we met with him again and were able to control the conversation a little bit more, and invited him to be baptized and he accepted! He just kept smiling and said, "I think my life is going to get a whole lot better from here on out." I then asked him why he said that and he responded, "I think I finally found the right path."
That is the right answer!
He has a bit of a problem with smoking unfortunately, so it might take some time to get him prepared. We took away his box of cigarettes and he was a bit anxious, but wants to give up smoking. We will see how we can help his this week.
We had to stop in Lisboa this week to get my eye exam.....
I definitely failed at that, but the doctor signed me off anyway haha so looks like I will still be driving?! Let the holy spirit guide, am I right?
From Lisboa we continued on to Mem Martins to do divisions with the sisters there again. It was a pretty quick division. We didn´t get to Mem Martins until about 3:00 and then headed back to our area at 7:30 the next morning. 
I thinkk I will save the rest of the details of the week for SKYPE!!! Whooo. Can´t wait to talk to you guys this week! I will talk to you soon!
Love ya´ll!!!
Paz e Bênçãos

-Sister Selk

To put a few faces to the names I am always talking about:
We made dinner for Luisa and her family this week! 
And we also made lunch for Toni...basically we are master chefs at this point.

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