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Monday, 25 July 2016

Recidencial do Gaio

I met some of the coolest people I have ever met before this week. And they all ranged from about 60-90 years old.
We received a reference from the other Elders In Setubal saying that they had run into a less active lady on the street that lived in our area in Palmela, so we were able to get the contact from them and set up plans for the beginning of this week. Her name is Raquel and when we called her she told us that she worked in an elderly home, but told us to stop by there to talk to her. I was a little bit confused at first as to why she would tell us to stop by her work, but on Tuesday afternoon we headed to Palmela and showed up in front of Recidencial do Gaio. It basically just looks like a normal home from the outside, but from the moment we stepped inside I literally felt like I was living in a film. We found out that Raquel is acutally the owner of this Elderly home, and she has about 8 residents living there that were previously mistreated in other homes. She is honestly the coolest person. You should all go look at their facebook page. All the Elderly people are SO cool as well. I wish I had time to go through and introduce everyone to you guys, but everyone has such a different personality and they are Hilarious. For example. We were all sitting around this table eating and there is this man named Zacharias- I literally didn´t know if he was super coherent to be honest. He didn´t say much at the beginning, and just looked a little bit like a skeleton, but then as we were eating he just started cracking all these jokes! It started with him drinking the lemonade and making the funniest little yelp along with a super ugly face followed by the comment "What are you serving me? Vinegar?!" 
Oh my gosh..I died.
And then he started hitting on Lurdes across the table from him- blowing her kisses and everything. I haven´t laughed that hard in such a long time.
I have so many stories to tell you guys when I get home.
Other events of the week: 
We had a division this week. I had to drive to Cascais to pick up Sister Barron and Drop off Sister Ditton on Wednesday morning. Sister Barron and I worked here all of Wednesday Afternoon, and then on Thursday morning I had to drive all the way back to Cascais to drop up Sister Barron and pick up sister Ditton again. It was super tiring, but we got through it!
As for an update on Maria.
She is slowly smoking less and less, and absolutely loves our visits. I have grown to love her SO much! She has to get baptized before I leave. She has to quite smoking 10 days before her baptism, so basically we are praying that she will be able to quit by quarta feira. We did a fast for her yesterday, but unfortunately she still wasn´t able to make it through the day without smoking, so we might to another one with her this week. I am so confident she is going to get baptized though! It´s going to happen!!
Well folks, Life is good! I am living a dream, I love the Lord and I love all yáll.
Fiquem Bem!
Paz e Bênçãos!

-Sister Selk
Sister Vanaquer spoiled us this week.....we like food way too much 

Sitting by me is victor (capitão chefe do lar) and then next to Victor is Zacharias 
Working hard or hardly working (Sorry it´s upside down...we get a little crazy in the car)!


This is where the jovens in our ward were "camping"

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