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Friday, 9 January 2015

The Call.

After having my mission papers in for almost 6 weeks, I knew they would have to come sooner or later. I continued to ask my dad to check the status of my mission papers (perks of having your dad as a bishop), but Sunday I was bummed to find out again that they still had not assigned my call. However, Tuesday afternoon as I was struggling to study for my microbiology quiz, I got a text from my mom saying, "you better start checking your mail!"
"What do you mean?"
"Are you serious?"
Yeah. So much for studying.
I flipped out. My mind was racing 1000km/hr. What did this even mean? Could my call really come TOMORROW? To make a long story short: I checked the mail box more than I feel comfortable sharing, I could not focus on anything else, all hopes of being productive went out the window, but my call did not come on Wednesday. 
And then Thursday arrived.
I had heard rumour that mission calls typically arrived on Thursday, so I wasn't all that surprised when it didn't come in the mail on Wednesday. I woke up Thursday morning bright and early—usually I would be waking up bright and early, but I have ZERO classes on Thursday—so naturally I got up to sit at the kitchen table and wait for any signal that the mail man had arrived. 
bad idea.
I'm sure my roommates thought I was going crazy. I am not kidding. Every single little sound I heard that morning I would race to the door and peak down the stairs to the mail box, and every time it was the same thing. Nothing. It would have been much better had I had classes on Thursday. I needed something, anything, to take my mind off my mission call. 
Well....HOURS went by, and nothing came. 
My roommate Eliza had put her mission papers in 3 weeks after mine, so when I found out her call had arrived that day, I got even more discouraged—I was extremely excited for Eliza, but I can't deny the fact that my heart absolutely sunk the moment I found out. I decided I just needed to get out of the house, to do anything to get my mind off the situation.
I ended up going to campus where I met up with Jennifer. She knew I had been waiting all day to get my call and had finally given up hope. I was trying to be optimistic about the whole situation, but she knew how I was really feeling. On our way back to the apartment she said, "I think the mail came while you were gone."
Here we go again:
"I don't think so."
"No it didn't."
"No it didn't."
"I don't believe you."
She pulled out the mail key, and I proceeded to run to the mail box. Earlier in the day I had written a note on our mailbox that said: "dear mail man/woman, I would really appreciate if you had a mission call in your hands today. -love Michaela" When I reached the mail box the first thing I saw was a smiley face on the note I had left. I could not believe it. I was shaking and I felt like my stomach had dropped underneath me. When I opened up the box, there it was. Starring me in the face.
Within 20 min of getting my call, texting my brother, and informing my parents, I was sitting in a park on a beautiful sunny evening with my call ready to open. Rawley was sitting next to me, my parents and Jantz, Katie, Nixon and Benson were all ready on skype, and I was more than ready to open my call.
My shaky hands were finally able to open the envelope that read:
"Dear Sister Selk, you are hereby called as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the PORTUGAL LISBON MISSION."
I could not believe it. It wasn't real. Did they make a mistake, because I was pretty convinced I was going to a Canadian mission. After months of convincing myself I was going to stay in my home country of Canada, Portugal was a HUGE shock.
A little bit of background before I continue: In 2011, when I had the opportunity to go to Europe I fell in love with Spain. I loved the people, I loved the culture, I loved everything about Spain. It felt like it was a second home to me. Ever since then, if someone were to ask what my dream mission was, I would have to say Spain. But I knew I would never get called to Spain, because I was sure I would never be called to a Spanish speaking mission. I thought with my background in French, I would either speak French, or English; speaking any other language didn't even cross my mind.
So when I say I couldn't believe I had been called to Portugal, it wasn't because I really wanted to go to Canada and was disappointed, but I was just so incredibly overwhelmed that I was practically going to my dream mission. I would have been happy to serve in Canada, and I know I would have loved every second of it, but I am so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to serve the people in Portugal. I really could not be happier. Every time I learn something new about Portugal I realize more and more how perfect this mission is for me. Everything about it gets me excited. 
So after weeks and weeks of waiting, I am so happy to finally announce that I get the opportunity to serve the people of Portugal, starting February 4th, 2015. I know this call was inspired. I know this call is exactly where I need to be. I know this church is true. I know my Saviour lives and knows me personally. And I can't wait to share what I know.

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