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Sunday, 14 June 2015

June 8th - The Portuguese know how to Party!!

Fam. Big News. Lots of news this week! Crazy News!!! AHHH.
With transfers being this week Sister Bryner and I knew we needed to make the most of every moment.....just in case, and it was such a good week!
We started off the week with know how I feel about that! If you start the week eating Sushi, it is bound to be a good week. SO GOOD! In heaven. Sister Bryner was celebrating her one year mark on the mission-Wooohoooo! Can you believe Mason will be hitting his one year next transfer...crazy!
This week I was also striving to pay more attention to the spirit in our lessons and contacts etc. since I often tend to get caught up in not understanding the language or trying to speak the language. And let me tell you, Heavenly Father answered my prayers! I had several lessons this week where I could not deny the spirit that I felt. It was such a nice change to think more about that than my Portuguese. One of these instances was while we stopped by a Less-active members house. She is SO cool, and has all the right desires, but of course she always works until 3 or 4 in the morning and struggles to get to church. I had the distinct impression that I needed to testify of the strength that would come as she made the effort to come to church. The spirit was strong and I know she felt it too, because she went from making excuses to asking us if we would come pick her up for church on Sunday morning. She came to church yesterday and even though you could tell she was tired, I know she will be blessed. We also had a very powerful testimony meeting yesterday. I felt like my heart was about to burst because I could feel the spirit so strongly in that room, and of course there was no surprise when I couldn't hold back my tears as I bore my testimony. I'm such a baby, what are they going to do with me! haha
We had a Churrasco and talent show with the Ramo this week, and let me tell you-THE PORTUGUESE KNOW HOW TO PARTY! Oh my goodness, I have never been to such a fun ward party, so all you take note:
1. Lots of awesome Portuguese Music
2. Lots of Dancing
3. Lots of Food
It was the best! Sister Bryner and I were having the time of our lives learning all the sweet dances they know! Technically I am not too sure if we are supposed to dance as missionaries.....buuuuut......there was no stopping us!
The people here are so talented too! Isabel Miranda is one of the Jovens in our Ramo and she has such an incredible voice. I want her to sing me to sleep at night. So many talented people....and then there was us. HAH. We decided to try and make up a song about the Ramo to the "cup song" and it was pretty dang horrendous, I will admit that right now, but it was fun nonetheless.
In general it was just a week of festas! After Church yesterday, Nato's son-Emanuel got baptized! He is the cutest little boy I have ever seen and I just want to steal him! haha The whole Ramo was practically at the baptism and it was just an amazing afternoon. 
Another story from the week: Sleep has become a struggle again because it is SO DANG HOT! I wish I had a picture to describe the desperation Sister Bryner and I feel as we are sprawled out on our beds each night trying to find some relief! hahah Ok, that is a little bit dramatic, but not too far off. And if it isn't the heat its dogs barking at 4 in the morning. We had that happen this week and we were trying to come up with plans on our balchony at 4:00 to try and get our neighbor's dog to shut up. If you can imagine, it was way to early to think of anything logical. I will leave it at that. Since then I have decided that no one in Portugal should own a dog. As Elder Crossman said: "they have trained them so well to do their business on the sidewalk and bark all night." Stellar. I love it.
But anyways! BIG NEWS OF THE WEEK!
After waiting and waiting and waiting, we finally got our transfer calls last night at 11! 11 at night fam! So Late! Sister Bryner and I thought for sure we would be good, since they weren't calling us, but our worst nightmare happened.....SISTER BRYNER LEFT ME! I cannot even tell you how sad we were. I was so depressed. I Love that Sister SO much. And......I am getting a native companion. Yup. Gonna die. haha Just kidding. I know the Lord knows me and knows what is best for me! Sister Andrade...I don't even know how to spell her name because I haven't met her, but she is from Cape Verde and will be my companion for the next six weeks in Olhao! I am staying in Olhao! And will be in the Lisbon mission!
So that is my big news for the week. Crazy. Wish me luck fam, because my Portuguese is awful, but I can tell you that I am STOKED to improve my Portuguese with this new companion. It is going to be so good!
Love you all. Hope all is well. You guys are the best! PRAY FOR ME! haha
Tchau! Ate Logo! Beijinhos!

-Sister Selk
nossa amigo na rua. Amamos Ele! AHHH

Sushi - need I say more than that?


Rosaria - loving life and dancing with
her meat!

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