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Sunday, 19 July 2015

July 13, 2015

Well, I don't have a whole lot to say this week. It was a good week, but not a whole lot new happened. Still just preaching the gospel here in Olhão. 
We finally got to meet Presidente and Sister Tavares this week! They are incredible! We had our zone conference in Faro with them and the moment Presidente Tavares walked into the room I was just filled with the spirit. It was an instant confirmation to me that he is definitely called of God to lead and direct our mission at this time. And the exact same feeling happened again when he was speaking. I was blessed during the conference to be able to understand a lot of what he was saying-despite his thick Brazilian accent! haha My interview with him was a different mind just goes blank when I feel like I am under any sort of pressure with the language, but I think I was able to understand the main ideas of what he told me. The language continues to be a struggle, but tudo bem!
That night after talking with the presidente, I was writing in my journal and I had some revelation just hit me like a brick wall. I have never experienced revelation so clear before. It was incredible. I am not going to say too much more about it in this email, but it was definitely one of the neatest experiences I had this week.
This week we were able to go over to Shana's house. Shana is a lady that a lady in our ward tends. She is 46, paralyzed, and really can't do anything for herself. She has a huge beautiful house, but lives by herself and spends all her time in one room. It is so so sad. She is such a smart lady, but you can tell this trial is anything but easy for her. We were able to help her around the house and read some scriptures with her. It was a humbling experience to say the least. We are going to try to visit her more throughout the week, and I think it will be an incredible opportunity. Hopefully we can bring some hope back into her life.
So our Ramo in Olhão right now is struggling a little bit. It seems like all of the main leaders in the Branch are some of the weakest, so this week we spent a lot of time meeting with the leaders, the branch president and other members of the ward. We are already seeing the benefits of this, which is awesome! After almost 6 weeks without a ward mission leader, our branch presidente finally called one yesterday! #queprogresso! Luis Xavier is a solid member, and seems to be really excited about this call-it is exactly what we need to push the summer drag along! I am super pumped about that.
As for the people we are working is limited, mas ainda bem. Otilia is SOLID! We have to get her married and baptized this week because Sunday is transfers and who knows what President Tavares has planned! I absolutely love Otilia. They are still just waiting for dinheiro, so keep her in your prayers because she is elect and ready for baptism! She comes to church every week now without us calling her or dropping by. I just love a dedicated member. So good.
Isabel is finally back from Porto. We haven't been able to talk to her in person for 3 weeks, but we finally have a compromisso set up with her this week which is awesome! We have been able to have small lessons with her over the phone-we just had one with her yesterday, and I just know she has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, which means she has a testimony of this church! Another elect.
On Saturday we had a little random lunch in the capela with the elders and some of our recent converts. It was the most odd group of people but turned out to be really fun! haha We have one lady in the ward who is a recent convert....and a little bit....crazy....she has a strong personality. We will put it that way. Anyways she was doing some work in the church when we got there, so we kind of felt obligated to invite her even though we were a little worried about how it was going to turn out, but like I said it was good! We are trying to get the branch to be more united!
We will see what happens over the next week! I just need to stay one more transfer in Olhão. I don´t want to leave the people here! We have so many amigos. This morning I ran into one of the old men that always asks, "Vais a praia hoje ou não?" every time we see him, and I just about cried thinking about leaving everyone here. 
I love the people, and just can't stop smiling.
Other news: This week is Mason´s one year mark! WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!! CRAZY. You better believe I will be having a little party for myself and for him this week. So make sure you all send some love his way because he definitely deserves it!
Hope you guys have a great week this week! Don't stress. Be happy. Enjoy the simple things.
Amo Vocês! Paz e Bênçãos! 

-Sister Selk

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