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Sunday, 2 August 2015

July 20, 2015: Just like a fubeca!

olá família!
Well, It is official. I will be staying in Olhão for another transfer with Sister Andrade. We are pretty excited about it because we have a lot planned this transfer! It is going to be a good next 6 weeks, and one of the most exciting parts is that after this next 6 weeks summer will be almost over! I don't think I have ever wanted summer to end....until now. 40 degree weather just isn't my thing.
We had lots of news and changes that happened this week.
Starting with divisions! The Sister training leaders from Faro both came to work in Olhão this week. It was a little bit strange because normally one sister goes to Faro and the other sister stays, but they both wanted to come here, so we had a party with 4 girls in the house. I got to work with Sister Cardoso. She is super sweet, and super powerful. The native sisters just know how to tell it like it is, and I always learn a lot from them. 
During our division we went to visit Shana again, and she had a new helper named tina there. We  shared a message with her again, and Tina just absolutely loved it! She just kept saying "Amo ouvir as palavras de Deus." and explained how good she felt when we prayed. She asked if we could bring a book of Mormon for her the next time we come, and obviously we said we would love to.  #golden The only problem is that we think she might be lesbian.....hahaha but hey, nothing that can't be repented of and changed. So we will see where that goes!
Also while we were on divisions we were walking across the train tracks to get to the capela and we saw this lady that was in absolute distress. It was so sad! She was 90 years old and as she was walking across the train tracks her sapato completely fell apart! She had no shoes, it was rocky, and the look on her face was pure desperation. Luckily 2 nice missionary sisters were able to come to her rescue and help her out. We walked her over to a nearby bench and then tried to contact her son for her with no luck. So we just sat on the bench and talked with her for a while. She was in tears because she just felt so helpless, and I felt so bad for this little 90 year old lady! Finally we were able to find a lady who was able to give her a ride to her apartment and all was well! I saw her again yesterday and she had some nice looking new shoes on hahah She thanked me again for helping her, and it was just a tender moment. She is so cute.
On Wednesday Sister Andrade and I totally spaced that we had planned to have lunch with Nuno, Rosalia and their family, so we went home and made a decent lunch only to get a phone call after we had eaten from Nuno saying they were waiting for us. SO BAD. We felt so bad, and had to run over to their house and try to pretend that we hadn't just eaten food right before going there. Oh my goodness family, it was SO much food. I literally said a prayer in the middle of the meal just asking Heavenly Father to keep all the food in my stomach and not on their dinner table. We went back to our house after that to do language study and just about died in a food coma. Eating that much food in this heat is always a bad idea.
We found a new lady this week named Dunda! She is super cool-I know because the night we met her she was wearing the coolest Jesus Dress. It had pictures of Jesus all over it and said "I love Jesus" As soon as I saw her dress and I knew I needed to talk to her, but besides the dress she is actually super nice, and we are hoping to have a lesson with her this week. Sidenote: if anyone can find me a dress like that..... I want one real bad. 
We also ran into a group of guys from germany this week. They had biker vests on and just looked like some super cool cats, so I made Sister Andrade go with me to get a picture with them. Surprisingly Sister Andrade didn't think I was completely crazy and was really excited about the idea, so we went and asked them and they were super hilarious and a good time. 
We got a new casal this week! The Roberts will be taking the place of the Crossmans here in Olhão. I AM SO SAD!!!! The Crossmans are just the most incredible people, and even though I am sure the Roberts will be just won´t be the same. Uhhh... tears fam. I love the Crossmans. We had our last supper last night with them and the elders before transfer calls. I am going to miss all of Elder Crossman's witty commentary. Like yesterday when we were cooking in the kitchen and he asked us if we knew Miley Cirus, and then proceeded to sing "wrecking ball" (is that what it is called? I don't even remember....) But instead he changed the lyrics to "Just like a Fubeca!" So funny! Wish my explanation of this experience actually did it justice. Basically they are my favorite, and I am so sad that I won't get to spend the last 3 weeks of their mission with them, but fortunately they said they would drive up to Canada for my homecoming, so their is still hope in this world! Muitos obrigados para eles. 
I think that about sums up my week for you. It was great, and fast, and sad, and all the things that a mission usually is. Love you guys! Thanks for everything! Ficam bem. Muitos beijinhos. 

-Sister Selk
Our 90 year old lady friend we helped out this week. So cute, I just had to take a picture

divisions with our lovely Sister training leaders

last supper..... :,(

One of our German friends

I think we take pictures with Nuno and Rosalia about once a week. 

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