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Sunday, 2 August 2015

July 27

Ola Familia.
So one of the sisters in our zone got sick this week and ended up in the hospital, so Sister Andrade and I ended up being in a tripla for a few days this week with Sister Mancuso. I think we decided that 3 is better than 2, because while doing contacts we can almost completely surround people so they can't just walk away from us. #winning We had a lot of fun together, but after a few days Sister Mancuso's companion got better and she had to head back to Faro. 
I really can't remember a whole lot that happened this week because it was honestly just a blur, so sorry if this email is chaos.
Friday was a super crazy day for us as well. It seemed like we were either laughing, running, or dying because of one thing or another. All the funny stories of the week seem to have happened on Friday. We had made something for the Roberts this week to officially welcome them to the Mission, and that afternoon we were taking it to their apartment. It was pretty fragile, so Sister Andrade was being careful to hold it so it wouldn't fall apart, but it was super windy that day. Anyways, we were walking down the street and a huge blast of wind came. Both of us were wearing flowy skirts, so of course both of our skirts went flying up. I was trying to hold down my skirt, sister Andrade was trying to protect the Robert's present, I was trying to hold down Sister Andrade's skirt as well.....and well basically we both ended up on the ground dying of laughter because I am sure it was a pretty humorous sight. We eventually recovered and got to the church with their present all in one piece. That same afternoon we had a lesson with Otilia, and during our lesson her "husband" Zeca came into the house. I think Zeca is probably the most hilarious, blunt, and dirty man I have ever met. He is SO crazy!!!!! If he isn't accusing us of being nuns he is accusing us of being lesbian......oh boy. I don't know what goes through that man's brain, but he hilarious nonetheless. Anyways, in the middle of our lesson he came in and we got talking and the next thing we knew he invited us to come eat with them! They have an apartment in one of the ruas that is for the workers in the area to store stuff and it has a little kitchen where he had been making some portuguese food, so we walked to this apartment and ended up having lunch with them and some other people in the neighborhood. I was one of those crazy spontaneous moments that was so good and so priceless, and we ended up getting 3 novos from that one dinner which was awesome!
 We didn't think we were going to have many people in church yesterday, because even though we worked hard, we still didn't have a ton of success with finding people who were actually interested in our message, but we were definitely blessed for our efforts. We ended up having more people in church than we have had in the last 6+ weeks here! It was awesome! People that we hadn't invited just showed up to the church. I have no doubt it was a tender mercy from God. 
This transfer is going to be full of miracles. I know it! Olhao is challenging, but I love everything about it. I know the Lord is preparing the people here.
Amo Voces.

-Sister Selk
A little bit of a crazy photo to capture this crazy moment. Also, I was so disappointed that you can't see Bruno's face in this foto, because he is honestly the cutest boy I have ever met! His eyes melt my heart.

Desculpe Mason.....Tenho um novo namorado :)
Oh also! Sister Andrade and I figured out this week that we could sleep with our heads at the foot of the bed so we would be closer to the fan. #Genius

fotos da primaria

This photo is just too perfect. Including our little friend in the back there.

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