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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Dec 14

Well. I am just going to get right to the main event this week:
I will leave it to you guys to put that in google translate.
But it is true, just when we thought our bad luck was over.....piolhos.
Goodness gracious.
So basically the majority of our week was either spent cleaning, doing laundry, or checking hair.... It literally felt endless. Poor sister lacey has already had piolhos 3 times on the mission, and so when her head started itching on Monday she pretty much knew right away what it was. And sure enough she found eggs in my hair too......ugh. How about I just not talk about this subject because it is just so awful. 
We literally spent about 12 hours straight just cleaning our house from top to bottom and washing ALL of the clothes that we own. The only good thing is that now our house is spotless!
My hair at the moment is also ridiculously thick and hard to manage. I basically wake up with dreads every morning, so I decided to take the oppotunity to just chop off all my hair......sorry mason.
But it just had to be. The task was just to hard and we couldn´t even get a brush through my hair, so I am back to having short hair.
But other than this fun event, we had a good week!
Our ramo had our Christmas party and it was absolutely incredible!! It is so weird to be in a bit bigger ramo because I am used to being a lot more involved in the groups and branches. In my last areas the missionaries basically had to plan any activity that there was, so now I just feel like I am doing absolutely nothing! We just showed up. But I absolutely love this branch! They are incredible! We managed to have 11 non-members at our party!!!!! It was amazing! We were able to set up a lot of appointments in the coming weeks, so I think we will be pretty busy these last weeks of the transfer. Ainda bem because I feel like we have done nothing in our area because of all this craziness!
Also, one last story for the week.
My first week here we contacted a man named Paulo in another city- Pinhal Novo- that is in our area. Actually, to be fair he basically contacted us by asking if we were Mormons. We ended up talking to him and finding out that he had talked to the sisters years ago. And it had to of been at least 13 years ago because this area hasn´t had Sisters in 13 years. Anyways we left him with our information and a pamphlet because he said that he wanted to come to our church. We tried to arrange a ride for him last week to go to conferencia de estaca but it didn´t end up working out. Well, yesterday we were shocked when he just showed up to the church in the morning! He told us he had literally hitch-hiked to Montijo and walked WAY far to make it to the capela! It was absolutely crazy! I was blown away! The only problem is that we think he has a few mental problems, but we will see how it goes in the future! It was pretty funny because we had fast and testimony meeting yesterday and he got up and basically gave us a shout out in from of our branch....I felt pretty cool :)
Oh, and I also felt pretty cool because I got to spend the morning doing some Christmas shopping with Sister Tavares while my companion was in a trunky meeting! She is probably the cutest Lady I have ever met! haha So sassy, I love it. In her words, "Que Legal de mais!" 
Well family....I LOOOOOVE YOU! Tenham uma boa semana. 11 dias minha familia! Preparem-se! Paz e Bênçãos!

-Sister Selk

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