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Monday, 7 December 2015

God Bless You.

Ok fam. I am going to be typing like a maniac because I have limited time on the computer, so hopefully this all makes sense!
First of all because I know mom and dad are curious about my eye:
Really, it is a miracle!
Monday night Sister Tavares called and chastised me a little bit for not saying anything earlier about my eye, because apparently sister Broderick must have sent the pictures to her....well she told me to start taking allergy medicine and call back in a few days if it didn´t get any better. Well, Tuesday morning during studies it got even worse and was super ugly looking, so I finally decided that I should probably call sister Tavares to get a doctors appointment. Long story short....She told me to come straight to Lisboa to the emergency room, so in the end we spent 7 hours in the hospital on Tuesday.......the whole day in the hospital. You all know how much I love hospitals, so obviously i was really stoked to be there. :/ 
And what made it even better what that the doctors there had no idea what it was. The first doctor referred me to an eye doctor which I knew wouldn´t do a thing, but I was annoyed enough to take things into my own hands and not leave there until I had an appointment with a dermatologist. I wasn´t able to get an appointment with him until the next morning, so we ended up working a little bit with the sisters in benfica and staying at their house. I have to admit I was looking pretty good the next morning- I had slept in my clothes, hadn´t taken a shower, had these huge red eyes.....oh and I forgot to mention I caught sister Lacey´s horrible cold. Good times.
That night when we finally got back to our area to buy all the medication and ointment he had perscribed I walked into the pharmacy still looking just rough and I literally had no voice as I tried to tell the lady what I needed. I think she could tell that I was not doing too good because she was super nice, and in the end she just looked at me and said in broken English, "God bless you." hahaha I literally almost died. I felt like I was just the saddest looking thing.
But the good news is, is that I woke up the next morning and my eye looked better than is has in MONTHS! So I am pretty stoked about that.
For other news.
It was the ground breaking for the PORTUGAL LISBON TEMPLE on saturday, and let me tell you, it was incredible! We weren´t able to actually be at the ground breaking, but we watched it in one of the capelas and the spirit was just the same. I got the strongest feeling of joy for this people while I was watching it. I just can´t even imagine how some of these people feel knowing that they will have their very own temple here in Portugal. As we drove to the capela with one of our irmãs she just told us she never imagined that Portugal would have a temple. I can´t wait to prepare this people for the house of the Lord. I already feel a different spirit here. It is incredible.
Yesterday we also had stake conference and it was also amazing. There were so many members gathered together and I could definitely feel the strength. We had one of our friends-Alfredo-with us and I think he was slightly blown away. Other fun fact: one of the counselors from the madrid temple was there and it was crazy to be able to hear and understand spanish!
I am so grateful to be serving here in Portugal at this time. I love this people and I love this country. I am so blessed. So blessed.
Love you fam. Paz e Bênçãos!

-Sister Selk
It was a straight one hour ride to stake conference taking selfies with Clair. These are some of our best

Pday in Lisboa

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