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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Small and simple things

Blessing of the week: It sounds like the Sisters of Setubal will be getting a new house! Whooo!
We talked with Sister Tavares last week about our house situation, because our house is LIXO! haha I have never seen such bad mold in my life. It is to the point where the mold is no longer black but has turned that happens, I have no idea.
We also have a ton of cockroaches in our fridge and kitchen, and when sister Tavares heard about this she was pretty convinced that we needed to move. So our task this week was finding a new house. I had no idea what was included in this, but together with the 4 sisters, we figured it out. 
The real estate ladies didn´t take us very seriously, but in the end we found a nice apartment, so if all goes well we should be moving in the next few weeks.
As for the missionary work....
It´s been a little bit slow, but we are fighting the fight with faith!
Lately our challenge has been finding people with real intent. It isn´t that we haven´t found nice people.....we just haven´t found people that are willing to change their lives in accordance with the commandments of God. 
This week we had a lesson with a man that we contacted a few weeks ago. He was incredibly nice, and invited us back, the only problem is that he doesn´t believe in God. This week I was also reading in Alma about the AntiChrists, and I was thinking about him the whole time. There are so many evidences that God exists, but it is so sad that men are blinded by the things of the world. 
So if you guys are questioning what it is that you guys can pray for....We would appreciate prayers to help us find people prepared and willing to hear our message and change their lives.
Until we find these people....I don´t have much more to update you on. It was a pretty normal week doing the work of the Lord, but I am so grateful for the trials and difficulties we experience everyday, and especially for the tender mercies that the Lord gives us amongst these difficulties. Despite being a slower week, I saw many blessing from the Lord and received many answers to prayer. 
I have been learning that the Lord works through small and simple means-meaning that sometimes our answers will also be small and simple. Many times we overlook these answers to prayers, but I know that as we pray to recognize the hand of the Lord in our lives we will see his presence in our lives.
Love yáll. Fiquem Bem.
Paz e Bênçãos.

-Sister Selk

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