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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Well we went from nothing, to being super busy all within Last Monday to today. Finally the work has picked up!
We had what was called a "Semana Branca" Thid week in our mission, where every missionary dedicated just a little bit more and sacrificed just a little bit more, and did all that they could to baptize this week. 
Needless to say we saw many miracles right from the very start of our week.
Sister Bird and I started with a Fast on Monday to start out our week, and that night we went to a big park in our area with the sisters to meet up with one of our recent converts. While we were waiting for him we were doing contacts and I spotted a man sitting on a bench that I went to contact. We talked with him for a bit and then invited him to come join the lesson we were going to have with our member. He accepted. and as it turns out that, the member that was recently baptized is related to this man (vitor). We have since been teaching vitor about everyday, and he even came to church with us yesterday.
The only problem is that we found out he has killed someone in the past, and was very into drugs etc......but everytime we talk to him he tells us how much he wants to change, and he has already cut cut down his smoking.
The atonement is for everyone! But we will have to be a little careful and see how it goes. :)
I made cafe rio this week for our whole district, and everyone was loving it, so thanks katie for the recipe. You made some elders extremely happy that day.
We also had a division in Caiscais on Friday. Usually we stay over with the Sisters but we had to help with a baptism on Saturday, so it was a pretty quick "there and back" trip. But it is always fun to get to spend some time with Sister Barron. It was weird talking about the fact that we both only have one more transfer left on the mission.
Saturday was absolutely crazy. We were running all over the place trying to help out with the baptism of the Sisters and the Elders-Printing out programs, and getting baptismal clothes, picking up one of our investigators, and then on top of all of that trying to put together a musical number with the sisters.
Yup....Missionary life. But the baptisms were absolutely incredible! Sister Jarnagin and Vanaquer baptized the coolest 16 year old young man named Simão. He has such a strong testimony of the church and is going to do increidble things.
That night we had to capture Claudia-One of our recent converts-because it was her birthday and we planned a surprise party for her with her husband. So she came and taught some people with us while her husband and daughter prepared everything with the elders and some other friends. It was pretty fun to be a part of that.
Yesterday was also a solid day. I got to see my montijo family for the 3 time in 5 weeks, and I told them we would have to keep up this pattern. They all came to Setubal to see the baptism of one of the members daughter. (Which is a super cool story that I am going to have to tell you guys in a letter) Nevertheless, I was extremely excited to get to see them all! 
And then to finish off the week.....Snails.
I had my first experience eating snails this week. 
How I have gotten this far on the mission without eating snails...I don´t know.
But I was actually pretty excited to each them, and I think I was the only missionary out of the 4 of us who actually kind of enjoyed them.
Adventures. Why not.
Hope you guys have an incredible week. Try something new. Love ya!
Paz e Bênçãos

-Sister Selk

My first attempt at parallel parking...Sis Vanaquer has since taught me better:)

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